a w a r d s   a n d   r e c o g n i t i o n

2019 Structures Award - Green Project
 VMware CSG, Palo Alto, California

2019 Structures Award - Architecture for Folded Wings
 Hanover, Palo Alto, California

2018 ASLA NCC Merit Award - General Design
Netflix, Inc, Los Gatos, California

2018 Arnold Soforenko Award
 Palo Alto, California

2017 Structures Award - Milestone Project of the Year
 Apple Park, Cupertino, California

2017 Structures Award - Urban Infill Project
 500 University Avenue, Palo Alto, California

2017 Structures Award-Office Project
Intuit, Mountain View, California

2017 Structures Award - Architectural Element Project
 Innovation Curve, Stanford Research Park, Palo Alto, California

2017 Structures Award - Green Project
 VMWare Campus, Palo Alto, California

2016 Structures Award - Green Project
 1400 Pagemill Road, Palo Alto, California

2010 Palo Alto ARB Design Award,
VMware Campus, Palo Alto, California

2004 Landscape Trends of the Bay Area
“Corporate campus trends”

2003 American Institute of Architects
National Convention - Presenter “S,M,L,XL
Learning from Silicon Valley”

2002 LASN profile “Firms of the Bay Area”
publication –“Greening Silicon Valley”

2002 THE KUKINI a Hualalai Resort
profile –“The Many Layers of Lava.”

2000 FRAMEWORK Balco Industry News
profile –“California Grill, Microsoft South
and EDAW”

1999 California CMDAEC Magazine profile
“feature article”-Hi Tech”

1996 Gold Nugget Award, McDowell
Mountain Ranch Community Park,
Scottsdale, Arizona